Complete Internal Menopausal Symptom Relief

· Insomnia
· Mood Swings
· Hot Flashes
· Night Sweats
· Fatigue
· Loss of Libido
Enjoy peaceful sleep and get the rest you need with Internal Balance. Made for women, by women this is a natural, gentle and effective daily-use dietary supplement that contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals formulated to bring menopause related hormonal fluctuations into balance.
Laura Jones
Founder & CEO, Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions
Internal Balance® is the result of much research, development and a passion to help other women through the transition to menopause. I have been using my products for over a year now and they have has helped me immensly.

“I experienced more restful sleep and a better overall attitude in only two weeks! I feel a calmness that I haven’t felt in years.”
— Michelle

Only $27.99

30 Day Supply

“I have had a decrease in hot flashes and mood swings and an increase in restful sleep.
Thank you!!”
— Heather

In 3 separate Consumer Efficacy Trials of more than 30 women after just 30 days of use. Individual results may vary.