Internal Balance® relieves hot flashes and other internal symptoms associated with menopause naturally and effectively.

Get hot flash relief with Internal Balance® Herbal Supplement. Made for women, by women this is a natural, gentle and effective daily-use dietary supplement for peri and post menopausal symptom relief. Contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals formulated to bring menopause related hormonal fluctuations into balance.

“I'm loving the supplements! I've been using Smooth Transition for a couple months and have already noticed a reduction of my hot flashes and night sweats. A true test of the product, was when I ran out of the supplements for a few days and noticed that my hot flashes were more frequent and intense. Once, I replenished my supply, I immediately noticed the change! I've tried other natural products and none of them made a difference. I truly, can say that Smooth Transition is making my menopause phase more bearable! I highly recommend the product!” — Roshan

“I have had a decrease in hot flashes and mood swings and an increase in restful sleep. Thank you!!” — Heather

“My family is so grateful that I found this product! My mood swings have decreased and I am overall calmer and more pleasant to be around. Uninterrupted sleep is also a BIG plus for me. I would highly recommend this product for anyone struggling with menopausal issues.” — Michelle

Internal Balance® is the result of much research, development and a passion to help other women through the transition to menopause. We are a dedicated team that knows first hand the issues women face on the path to menopause and truly are a for women by women company.
Laura Jones (Right)
Founder & CEO Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions™
Dr. Sharolyn Dihigo (Left)
Chief Science Officer Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions™
DNP, RN, CPNP-PC, FNPDoctorally Prepared Nurse Practitioner