A Company for Women, by Women

Smooth Transition is truly a company created for women by women. Developing our products from a women’s perspective is of utmost importance to our business. Our product development team is made up of women who are currently going through the transition to menopause or already have. Women who understand specifically what it feels like to experience the physical and emotional changes caused by menopause first hand.

What started out as a mission to find natural and effective ways to reduce the severity of symptoms related to menopause, has evolved into a passionate purpose of developing safe, efficacious and science-based products designed to help women overcome the numerous changes we experience over this 10 to 15-year transition. We want to safely and effectively soften the change.

My Motivation

The creation of Smooth Transition was because of my own transgression onto the path of menopause. I was at a period in my life where something was different, and had been different for a few years. I will never forget that night, my first hot flash. I thought to myself wow, this is menopause. However, what I hadn’t realized was that I’d been having perimenopausal symptoms for years leading up to my first hot flash. This included skin issues that I had no idea could be menopause related.

Once I became aware that I was truly experiencing menopausal issues, I began searching for something that would help with all that I was dealing with. I became much more educated on menopause. Hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, low libido and fatigue were just the internal issues. My skin issues were the result of hormonal imbalances as well, just playing out on my skin. What I needed was a solution to help both my internal and external skin issues at the same time. This is where I came up short. I could not find a safe, natural and effective option that would truly work on all my perimenopausal issues at once. This was the launching pad that led me to the creation of Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions.

• No parabens
• No dyes
• No synthetic fragrances
• No phthalates
• No petrochemicals
• No animal testing
• Gluten free

Gentle, effective and ethical

Simply put, our products are gentle, effective, ethical. We use premium ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and petro chemicals. We never conduct any animal testing. Our products are tested before and after production to guarantee potency and ingredient integrity. Our skin products are made for all skin types including sensitive skin. They will work easily and seamlessly with your daily makeup regimen.

Results after 30 days

Products that work

Our products work. I don’t believe in marginal results. Our synergistic formulations result in a powerful and effective regimen that can be used daily to help alleviate both the internal and external negative effects of menopause. Extensive testing has led to outstanding consumer efficacy trial results after just 30 days. I have personally been taking my products for almost a year now with fabulous results.

In 3 separate Consumer Efficacy Trials of more than 30 women after just 30 days of use. Individual results may vary.