Dr. Sharolyn Dihigo, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC,FNP-C // May 08, 2018

As warmer temperatures and longer days arrive, we think of spending more time outside, and you reach for your sunscreen without hesitation.  But hold on!  What are you applying to your skin?  Is that a sunscreen or xenoestrogen?

Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic or act like estrogen in the body. Xenoestrogens are known for disrupting the natural action of estrogen and interfere with the estrogen receptors by either blocking or binding to the receptor much like natural estrogen.  Xenoestrogens are considered carcinogenic, and they are known for increasing rates of breast cancer. These chemical estrogens are difficult for the body to remove because they are stored in fat cells.  They can increase your total level of estrogen in a condition called estrogen dominance.  Xenoestrogens have been linked with conditions such as infertility, obesity, diabetes, miscarriages, prostate and testicular cancers, and breast cancer.

Most over the counter sunscreens contain xenoestrogens such as paraben or oxybenzone.  Both are worth avoiding.  At Smooth Transition, we use natural sunscreens like coconut oil, broccoli seed extract, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil in our products.  Coconut oil is truly a superfood with so many wonderful properties.  It has an SPF rating of 4-10 but also contains powerful antioxidants to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.  Combining other seed oils provides longer-lasting sun protection.  Coconut oil is also a natural antibacterial and helps to block damaging UV rays. 

In addition to being a powerful antioxidant and natural sunscreen with an SPF of 4, jojoba oil acts as a healing, anti-inflammatory for skin and can be used in conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  Another natural sunscreen is grapeseed oil.  It provides anti-aging properties and helps protect the skin from damaging free radicals. It also stimulates the skin the begin the self-repair process to help maintain your youthful glow.  Broccoli seed oil contains vitamin A which is not only a natural antiwrinkle cream to brighten skin, but it also promotes an even skin tone and fades sun damaged discolorations. All of these ingredients are great moisturizers in addition to providing antioxidant activity, protection from cellular damage, and promotion of tissue repair.   

So…think twice before reaching for your usual sunscreen and educate yourself so you know what you are applying to your skin.  The Smooth Transition Adaptive Skin Care provides natural sunscreen for the most sensitive areas of your face and neck.  It has been designed specifically for peri and menopausal skin, and it can be used safely all year long!

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