Dr. Sharolyn Dihigo, DNP, RN, CPNP // Nov 13, 2017

Smooth Transition Internal Balance is the perfect blend of herbs, vitamins, and botanicals designed to bring hormonal balance to the menopausal women.  The ingredients in Internal Balance have been studied and proven to be safe and effective in reducing the intensity and frequency of hot flashes, promoting restful sleep, and maintaining a positive and healthy mood.  

Internal Balance includes a non-estrogenic combination of Ayurvedic herbs trademarked by the name, Genopause ®.  Genopause® has been shown effective in human clinical trials including healthy, menopausal women ages 40-65 years.  The key outcomes of this trial showed a 54% reduction in the number of hot flashes, 95% improvement in sleep, an 88% improvement in fatigue, a 92% reduction in nervousness, and an overall improved mood. 1

Black cohosh and Dong Quai have been used for centuries for women’s health issues.  Black cohosh originates from the buttercup family, and the roots and rhizomes of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. The roots are made up of glycosides, or sugary compounds, isoferulic acids which have anti-inflammatory properties, and phytoestrogens.2  Black cohosh has been used to treat uterine fibroids, anxiety, and even rheumatoid arthritis.  Dong Quai is known as the “female ginseng” and is known for its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties.  In women’s health, it has been used for centuries to treat irregular periods, pelvic pain, and fatigue.  Dong Quai should be used with caution in anyone with a clotting disorder or anyone taking a blood thinner since it also has blood thinning possibilities.3  While black cohosh is best known for reducing hot flashes and promoting sleep, this herb also reduces LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol.4  Dong quai helps balance hormones, has anti-inflammatory properties, and stimulates the immune system.  Both herbs help prevent menopausal bone loss.

Many women experience menopausal hair loss.  Not only can this be attributed to changing hormone levels, but thyroid imbalances and nutritional deficiencies also play a role.  Biotin is best known for its use in strengthening hair and nails and keeping a youthful glow to your skin.  In menopause, a biotin deficiency can lead to thinning hair and baldness,5 and dry, irritated skin.  Magnesium plays a role in hormone synthesis, activates vitamin D, and promotes relaxing sleep.6 Vitamin D and K2 work synergistically and both help to protect from bone loss in menopause. Biotin, magnesium, and vitamin D with K2 all play critical roles in balancing hormones and addressing menopausal issues.  Each ingredient was specifically and thoughtfully included in the Smooth Transition Internal Balance Menopause Supplement.


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