Laura Jones // Aug 20, 2017

Women don't want to admit it, and men don't want to discuss it. While conversations on health matters such as ED, IBS and overactive bladder are openly discussed, there's still a stigma behind the subject of menopause. Too often conversations on the subject are muted or relegated to sparse chatter amongst girlfriends and sometimes doctors. Some women reach out to online forums and discussion groups for consultation on the subject, however the topic remains largely shrouded from mainstream health discussions. This limited understanding and lack of conversation has led to an unawareness about menopause.

There are women experiencing menopausal symptoms daily in the workplace. During this time they may need to take time off, but due to the suppression surrounding the topic, they are less likely to disclose the reason for their absence. Beyond suppressing the topic in the workplace, many women find it difficult to communicate what they are going through with their spouses. This can be especially troubling when she’s not fully aware of what she’s experiencing. More often than not men completely avoid the subject, or shrug it off. This nonchalance can result in strain and friction within the marriage throughout perimenopause and menopause. Couples who are more informed about “the change” may be better adapted to deal with the pressures during this period and potentially avoid divorce.

It’s time for us to start opening up the dialog having conversations on menopause. We need to build more awareness. It’s time for a change. Smooth Transition Menopause Solutions is dedicated to building awareness and opening up the dialog. IT'S OK TO TALK ABOUT MENOPAUSE!!!

Part of this transition has to do with providing more knowledge and awareness regarding menopause and the side effects of this shift. Instead of shying away from the topic, let’s face it head on. Menopause is not a rare condition, but a natural part of life. Let’s begin to adjust the perception from negative to positive. The more knowledge that you have associated with menopause and handling symptoms, the more prepared you are to make a Smooth Transition.

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