Dr. Sharolyn Dihigo, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC,FNP-C // Sep 27, 2018


After a hot summer, we are all ready for a change in seasons. Each year we are ready for kids to go back to school, cooler days, and football season. Women often think of menopause as being a change of seasons as well, but this is a lifetime change of seasons.  Some women mourn the loss of their childbearing years while others embark on the new season with much welcomed relief. 

Menopause can be so different for each woman.  Some sail through the perimenopausal years without too many complaints and wonder what all the fuss is about while others suffer for 10 to 15 years with subtle changes in their skin, mood, sleep, sex drive, and energy.  Statistics actually report more women experience menopause symptoms during a change in the seasons, and that leads us to a discussion of the body’s circadian rhythms.

So what exactly is a circadian rhythm?  Have you ever noticed you are naturally more energized or sleepy, warmer or cooler at certain times of the day?  That circadian rhythm is your natural, internal clock. Little do we realize, our bodies are greatly influenced by forces such as gravitational pull and the phases of the moon. Have you ever wondered if the moon can affect menopause symptoms? More women enter menopause when the moon is the closest to the equator.  There are other claims such as women’s menstrual cycles lining up with the phases of the moon, more hormonal changes occurring during certain lunar phases, and of course, we’ve all heard the emergency rooms are busier and more women go into labor when there is a full or new moon.

No matter where you are in life, the changing of the seasons is sure to come.  We welcome fall and cooler temperatures then after a long, cold winter, we welcome spring flowers and warmer days.  Life is a constant, ever changing cycle, and menopause is just another phase of our lives as women.  So I challenge you to not dread it, but embrace the change and see what this next “lunar” cycle has in store for you!

Here at Smooth Transition, we are all about softening the change for women and natural menopause relief.  We enjoy opening a forum for women to share their experiences and ask questions on our Facebook group, Menopause Talk. We strive not only to provide fantastic natural menopause products designed especially for the menopausal woman, but also to provide education and conversations with women going through the change. So welcome fall, get rid of those hot flashes, and join us in our forum. (search Menopause Talk in Facebook) 


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