Laura Jones // May 15, 2018

Relieve brain fog while also losing weight :)

1. Cut back on sugars, especially artificial sweeteners. Focus on whole sources of sugar like fruit. But be aware the sugar in fruit is still sugar so you still need to moderate your intake.

2. Limit your carbohydrate intake...bread, bread, bread!!!.
You've heard this one before right! This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight as well but thats another topic. bread, pastas, cookies, those "healthy" snack bars aren't doing you any favors either!

3. Start eating healthy fats, nutritious and yummy... including olive oil, avocado, cheese, eggs, butter (yes butter!), coconut oil, nuts, seeds, meat and fish.

4. Be active for 20 minutes a day...and we've heard this a million times but inactivity can cause fatigue which doesn't help brain fog. Find 20 minutes out of your day to simply walk. It's a great habit to get into on your lunch break! Just do it!



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